Our PeopleTeamwork
at it's best

Every company that wants to grow and prosper invests in its human resources.  For us our staff is not a liability,  is  an… Investment !!!

We recognise the important role our people play in delivering excellent customer service and we are committed to attracting, motivating and retaining the best talent, as we continue to focus on being a people company with ‘a waiting list of people to join’.  Our staff has  a diverse range of  international experience, with high educational backgrounds and extended multi-business experience in the field of  leisure  and hospitality in general; in the field of tourism and hotel management in particular, as well as in the fields of marketing,   event & conference management.

Within Synodos Group! our people do their best to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied  with the quality of services offered. Our concept is to provide superior solutions in the form of creativity, imagination value & service based on the continuous efforts of our people!Our team works efficiently, thoroughly & promptly  – even under the notorious last-minute pressure concept!!!