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Since its creation,  in 2001, Synodos  Group S.A. has achieved recognition for concepts that have revolutionized the travel  industry  in  Greece.  We are still passionate about continuing to RE-THINK things, to SHAKE them up with breakthrough CONCEPTS and going off into UNCHARTED territories

Our  passionate commitment to the modern lifestyle and  travelling  has been expressed through a series of pioneering travel concepts which have changed the business and set industry standards that continue to be imitated throughout.

Thanks to its achievements and successes, SYNODOS S.A. has evolved today into one of the leading Travel & Tourism Companies  in Greece, with the sole objective to provide, companies and corporations, integrated travel & hospitality services only through ONE company.

SYNODOS GROUP S.A was the first travel organization in Greece to recognize the potential of international concepts that required both global coordination and local market implementation.

Within the company  , our philosophy -creativity and quality design together with a rapid response to market demands- has resulted in fast international expansion and excellent response to our sales concepts.

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